Pakistan Six Beautiful Air Hostess, 6 Images of 2013

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A Pakistani air hostess was traveling from Lahore to Manchester, when she was arrested by the police for supplying drugs. She was taking heroin in her laptop. When the securities at airport scanned her baggage and other things, her laptop gave an indication, and drugs were recovered by the airport police in Manchester.

Pakistan International Airlines is a big airline company in Pakistan, and it has again become scandalous due to the air hostess, who was traveling with drugs in the flight from Lahore to Manchester. Previously an air hostess was arrested, who was traveling with hashish, and after being caught, she confessed that she was a regular user of Hashish.

Air hostesses usually assume that no one check them or scan their baggage on airports. Therefore at Manchester Airport, a big scandal of PIA has been made, in which the name of Pakistan has also been deteriorated. PIA must take action against the air hostesses who are involved in bringing illegal things to the other countries.

Pakistan Six Beautifull Air Hostess, 6 Images of 2013. Pakistani Airlines has very beautiful air hostess for serving the passengers of Pakistan Airlines.

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